draw phineas eating a dorito as big as his head

scandy youre a beautiful person

presumably what you were asking = v =

my brothers gotten me more used to drawing him like this though so bonus

i am actually on tumblr atm cause scandy actually gave me one and i got excited but for the basically everyone who doesnt know

there are a lot of toxic people on tumblr that my brother wants me avoiding, so im not on here much, especially when im out of anxiety meds

but really the problem is my computers shot and i cant access any of my fucking filles or sai and typing on my brother’s computer is really hard :(

update/explanation given yes


i love my friends so much like it’s probably silly to get that worked up over it but i am constantly amazed by what wonderful people they are and how much happier i am when i’m around them. and like. i feel the need to inform the world and universe. because going to them out of the blue like “i love you so much” would probably be creepy. i just need to say. i love them. i love my friends. my friends are great. great friends. amazing friends

shh im not on tumblr


if anyone has phineas and ferb requests i wanna hear them (for drawing)


Just an idea. Reblog if you’re asexual/ace spectrum, then go check out other people who have reblogged this. Send them an ask, follow if you like them. Make connections. Build community. This will help strengthen many asexual blogs so that when the revolution occurs we can rise up and claim what’s rightfully ours.




the air felt so nice and cool. The misty rain makes everything seem so peaceful.