Hello I’ll be opening bigger commissions after I’m a little more confident, but for now I want to see if anyone is interested in these!

For a little background, I’ve unfortunately put myself in a tight spot, I had to drop out of college for the moment due to a mental breakdown, and I need some extra money right now to try and help my parents while I’m staying with them again like a bum.

I’d really appreciate the support, if anyone is interested.


Basically, it’s as it says. I’m doing Reaction image commissions. These are pretty simple in concept. They’re custom reaction images for rp blogs. 

This is NOT limited to Homestuck rp blogs! I’ll do any character as long as you can give me decent information to work off of.

What you’d need to do:

SEND ME AN ASK. You can do this on either my RP or main blog, though main is better for orginization. But this is the first front of contacting me!

Next… Specify what you want, give me adequate reference to make them unique to the character you’re rping or commissioning them for. Also specify what emotions you’d be paying for your character to be exhibiting.


I’m doing transactions through paypal. If you want to commission me, send me an ask off anon, and I’ll give you my email address of Skype so we can discuss what you want. 

At the moment, I’m working off the idea of getting the commission  sketching it out, showing it to the buyer for approval, and then getting paid before I finish the works. If you have a way you’d rather handle payment, please tell me and I’ll see what I can do about that.


Is very simple.

Reaction images would look like the above mentioned. I’d be doing them in groups of 5, for 20$ per group. You can also get a single for 6$

ADDITIONALLY, for an extra 10$, I’d take all of the images and make additional versions of them from it for extra possibilities and a lot less cost.

These would look like this.

image image image image

Please note that this is the extras from a single icon; the extra 10$ would mean this would be done for all five icons in a set. The number of additions may vary from icon to icon however.

Sizes will be uniform in commissioned work.

If you have a desired size, please specify.

Also take note

I’m relatively flexible with price, especially when it comes to the extra work; It could easily be lowered a little if someone approaches me about it and there’s good reason.

For any more information, send me an ask! I might add to this if I feel I need to.